Choosing to use pumped screed for you flooring has many advantages. Here at City Pumping we are experts in pumped screed and here we will look at how using pumped screed for both homeowners and contractors has many advantages. Not only is pumped screed economical it is also durable and has fantastic aesthetic appeal.

Here are some facts about pumped screed that you may not know.

  • Pumped screed has self-levelling compounds to give a perfect finish every time and is layed with a minimal thickness of 7mm which means it is often a more popular choice than using sand and cement.
  • Pumped floor screed can be diamond polished which gives a beautiful finish for both commercial and domestic projects.
  • Pumped screed which is finished can be polished to not only look beautiful, but it is also easy to clean and fantastically durable.
  • Pumped screed is self-levelling and is an easy way to renovate and repair and level concrete floors whether this is in a domestic setting or commercial.
  • Pumped screed can be used to repair and level concrete that have been damaged., This is cost effective and a relatively quick process.

The benefits of pumped screed for both commercial and domestic projects include:

  • Pumped screed is economical – The low minimal thickness required for pumped screed make it very cost effective.
  • Aesthetically appealing – Using pumped screed its aesthetically appealing even though it can be lower in cost than other options which is a great benefit to all sectors.
  • Easy installation – Using pumped screed experts such as City Pumping can mean minimum disruption to your home or business as installation is straight forward.
  • Strong and durable – Pumped screed is cement based and is very durable and strong meaning it can withstand industrial environments easily as well as being extremely durable.
  • Pumped screed is available in a variety of finishes and colours which means that whether a domestic or commercial setting pumped screed can fit the criteria.
  • Used to repairs – Pumped screed is brilliant for repairing old or damaged floors to a new standard and ensuring they are level. This is a quick and economic repair option.

If you have a requirement for pumped screed or would like to find out more contact our experts at City Pumping today for more information and we would be more than happy to help.