Liquid screen can also be referred to as flowing screed and it is applied by being pumped onto the surface and then levelled.

You can choose from two screeds in construction the first being cementitious screed which is made up from cement, binder, water and sharp sand. The second is anhydrite screed which is sharp sand, water and anhydrite builder.

Liquid pumped screed is increasing in popularity and we can see why. It is so useful in construction as it is in liquid form when it is applied so this allows the screed to be pumped at a much faster rate which really helps when time is crucial in the construction process.

There are so many benefits of using pumped liquid screed in construction here are just a few of the reasons here at City Pumping we think the use of liquid screed in construction is fantastic:

  • Perfect for underfloor heating as liquid screed can form around the underfloor heating system and leave no air gaps which in turn will ensure the underfloor heating system works to its optimum.
  • The application of liquid screed is much faster than standard screed meaning that it is ideal for large construction projects saving precious time.
  • Using pumped liquid screed in construction also ensures less waste which in turn helps the project be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • The drying time of pumped liquid screed is much faster than traditional screed therefore construction projects can be completed in a much more timely manner.

Overall the benefits of using pumped liquid screed in construction are second to none. If you have a requirement for screed contact City Pumping and we will discuss how we can help you with your construction project screed needs. Our experts will discuss what is best for you and your project and we will be sure to find the perfect solution for your liquid screed requirements.