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City Pumping works closely with its sister company, All Mix Concrete, to supply high-performance concrete to building projects across multiple regions. With a fleet of volumetric trucks, we use innovative line pumps to deliver concrete straight to your location. We supplement our efficient line pumping equipment with reliable and prompt service to our clients, no matter how near or far their work site may be.

At City Pumping, we believe in spending money in order to save money for our clients. That’s why we invest in the latest line pumping equipment, which cuts down on the amount of labour we have to employ for each job. We are not a “one size fits all” service, we are able to accommodate building projects of any size, from DIY home renovations to large construction projects.



How We’re Different From the Rest

Local builders will quickly appreciate how our service will save them both time and money when it comes to mixing and pumping concrete at the construction site. Our methods are more efficient than traditional solutions like barrowing and carrying buckets back and forth.

Because we use less labour with our line pumping method, we work faster and cleaner than our competitors. In addition, our method is more precise, so that we can lay concrete exactly where you want it in the exact amount that you need.

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