Here at City pumping we pride ourselves in helping to become more sustainable. Innovation in concrete is helping the product to become more sustainable and be more economically friendly within the construction industry.

The need to reduce the carbon footprint is paramount in moving forward with concrete innovation.

Concrete has been used as far back as ancient Roman times given it is a durable, strong, and versatile material. It is one of the most used products in the construction industry. There are environmental concerns surrounding the use of concrete sometimes due to the emissions that are associated with the cement element of the product.

With the continued growth and developments of towns and cities concrete and cement demands are higher than ever which means companies such as us need to ensure we take on board innovations with the products to make them more environmentally friendly and efficient.

Cement decarbonisation: 

To improve the emissions and move with the times concrete innovation is moving towards making cement lower carbon all whilst not compromising the performance of the product.  This is a fantastic movement for the industry helping us to become more sustainable.

Another recent breakthrough is the components for cement production rather than being based on mainly raw materials to be using more recycled materials which will again in turn increase the sustainability of the concrete product.

By adopting the various methods of reducing the carbon content and the emissions from cement help to ensure that concrete production is becoming much more sustainable and ensuring that our product and business is moving with the innovations to help with this.

If you have a need for pumped concrete from a company that is at the forefront of innovation, contact us today at City Pumping and we will ne more than happy to assist.