When completing a construction project, it is important to keep up with cutting edge solutions and ways to make the process more streamline. Here we will look at how concrete pumping from City Pumping helps with this.

Using a good screen mix which is means that you will have very even mix of cement, sand and additives that will level a floor to enable you to lay flooring evenly. When mixed by hand the quality of the screed is lower and only suitable for smaller areas. If you are looking to screed a larger area for your project then pumped screed will allow a much more precise installation.

Here are some more of the benefits of using pumped screed:

High quality – Pumped screed is mixed usually at higher quantities, and this means that the quality is much more even and continuous. The mix is more homogenous and provides a better result than that of hand mixes.

More efficient – Pumped screed is much more efficient, and it is quicker to mix than by hand and there is less labour involved which means that you can utilise labour elsewhere for a more streamlined project.

Access issues resolved – Using pumped screed allows easier access to constructions and buildings where access is more difficult making the whole process more streamlined.

Environment – By using pumped screed it allows to for less pollution as there is less dust than from traditional methods which is better for the environment.

All in all, pumped screed is a fantastic way to streamline the process for screeding a floor. If you have a requirement for floor screeding contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss the options available with our experts in pumped screed.