City pumping is your number one for boom pump hire so let’s have a look at what a boom pump is in the world of construction and the benefits of these fantastic machines.

When thinking of construction projects, the main things site managers require are precision, efficiency, and speed. When it comes to your concrete aspect of the project them a boom pump can help fulfil these criteria.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways that concrete boom pumps benefit the users.

  • Productivity increase – Efficiency is always improved when using a concrete boom pump as it completely streamlines the process of laying the concrete. The concrete can be manoeuvred much easier and reach further harder to access areas. The concrete is delivered and placed in the exact required area which also then means that you will need less labour ensuring productivity is maximised.
  • Precision – Using a concrete boom pump increases the ability for the concrete to be placed in harder to reach areas and more complex constructions. The concrete boom pumps are flexible, and the operators are skilled at pouring concrete precisely in even the most awkward areas, angles, and heights. This helps to reduce waste and means a much better coverage of concrete is achieved.
  • Safety – On a construction site safety is paramount. By using concrete boom pump this will make the site a safer place to be as manual labour is reduced therefore making the risk of accidents reduce. Also, injury risk is reduced as manual labour isn’t required.
  • Cost savings – If you choose to use a concrete boom pump this can reduce time and costs as there is less labour required. Also, the concrete is placed more efficiently meaning that time is saved. Due to the precise concrete distribution waste is also reduced which also will reduce costs.
  • Quality concrete – Due to the concrete boom pump supplying a fresh concrete flow there is less chance of the concrete hardening or setting which will in turn provide a higher quality finish.



If you have a construction project requiring precise concrete supply, then a concrete boom pump from City Pumping could be your answer. Contact our friendly team today for more information and a quote.